What Would Have Happened if The Cavaliers Said Yes?


Here are some interesting questions. What could have been if the Cleveland Cavaliers said yes? Could he have been the piece that put LeBron’s team over the upgraded Golden State Warriors? If this is the case why would they say no? Could he been the “missing play maker” LeBron James so coveted for? Could it be the Cavaliers made a mistake? These are all questions people asked after the Cleveland Cavaliers declined a trade that would have sent Carmelo Anthony to the Cavaliers. Even though Kevin Love is a huge piece to lose in the trade, many believed the New York Knicks star Small Forward would be a huge attribute to add to the Cavaliers offense arsenal. So what would have happened if they had said yes?


In my opinion, Anthony was the piece to beat the Golden State Warriors. Most people would believe that Carmelo Anthony would have done a lot of damage to the Cavaliers’ chemistry, however I believe he would have been able to gel well into their system. LeBron James with Carmelo Anthony would have been a dynamic force. There is only one issue that comes to mind about having the two on the same team. It may take some time for Carmelo Anthony to understand that the team is not all his as it once was in New York. This means a significant less amount of shots for Anthony, but still a legitimate amount. LeBron James now would have an all around scoring forward. Carmelo Anthony could have been the player to place resistance on Kevin Durant’s scoring ability. Having another scorer on the team can only benefit LeBron James and Cleveland.


We all understand that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are not just looking at the regular season. They are looking to be playing in June fighting for the Larry O’Brien trophy in another face off against the Golden State Warriors. We also recall that Kevin Durant joined the Warriors this offseason. Being the offensive juggernaut that he is at 6’11”, a multitude of people took this team over the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals this year. Thus making the Cavaliers the Underdog. However, some people have hope! Some believe the Cavaliers can defeat the high powered Golden State Warriors team this year. Along with these people, many others believe that if they do win, it confirms LeBron James’ title as the G.O.A.T. If you don’t see what I’m getting at here you will in a second.


A while ago LeBron once had an interview where he stated he was “chasing a ghost” in Chicago. Reading between the lines, you will be able to come to the conclusion that he is talking about Michael Jordan. If the Cleveland Cavaliers accepted this trade, it would have undermined LeBron’s credit if he wins a championship this year. In fact, it could place LeBron at a negative people’s eyes for searching for “too much help” (Look at Miami). I believe that LeBron James told management to decline this trade to become the Greatest Player of All Time. He wants to prove that he can beat this team by himself. However, if this trade actually happened, I believe the Cleveland would experience a parade for the second year in a row.

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