Obama’s Heartfelt Letter + Key & Peele Bring Back the Anger Translator


As if it isn’t hard enough that President Barack Obama will be leaving the White House in less than two weeks, he just made things a bit more real. Obama released a heartfelt letter to the American people and he spoke about his eight years as president and the better days that are to come. He also spoke about the Affordable Care Act, improvements in the high school graduation rates, LGBT rights and more. Read a snippet below:

“Today, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, another 20 million American adults know the financial security and peace of mind that comes with health insurance,” Obama wrote. “Another three million children have gained health insurance. For the first time ever, more than ninety percent of Americans are insured — the highest rate ever.”

The rest of the letter from Obama can be read here.

On a lighter note, Key and Peele made sure they gave President Obama the best farewell possible. The duo brought back Anger Translator for one last time!


Check out the full video below. You’ll truly enjoy it!


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