Justin Cronin ‘The Passage’ Trilogy to Become Fox Series

Justin Cronin’s vampire series, starting with The Passage, has had a pilot episode ordered for it from Fox. Liz Heldens (Friday Night Lights) has been slated to write the pilot with Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) to direct it. They will be working in association with 20th Century Fox and Scott Free Productions, according to Deadline.

The books that Cronin writes do not include the sexy or sparkly vampires that mainstream media has come to expect. In fact, it’s not really about vampires at all.  Instead, the series combines a vampire-esque plague with government conspiracies and an apocalypse to bring the element of horror that many vampire narratives lack. The government experiments with a virus taken from South American bats that combats most diseases and extends life, something that would be beneficial for the creation of supersoldiers. But everything goes horribly wrong, turning the death row inmates they had been experimenting on into terrible monsters. Also injected, though with a refined strain, is a six-year-old orphan, Amy. She becomes humanity’s last hope for survival nearly a hundred years later when what remains of humanity is being hunted by the bloodthirsty and incredibly infectious virals.

The rights to bring this series to the screen had been bought before the first book had even been completed back in 2007. Cronin published The Passage in 2010, with its sequel The Twelve published in 2012, and the final installment The City of Mirrors was released earlier this year. The series has been described as “a character driven government conspiracy thriller”. If people who hear about this are expecting yet another vampire series, they may be disappointed—if they aren’t already completely enthralled with the excellent story they have found instead.


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