“Breaking the mold, going against what a modern day rap video looks like. I’m doing away with the money, cars, clothes and hoes mentality. That’s why I’m in the woods because it’s my natural elements. We’ve become so disconnected with life and what’s real, now it’s time we reconnect.” – Deniro Farrar

North Carolina native,  Deniro Farrar, is back with some amazing visuals for his equally as stunning song, “Duality.” Deniro sends good vibes everyone’s way through this video (directed by James Rico) through its meditative vibe and encouraging lyrics.

Since his release of Mind of A Gemini, Deniro Farrar aka the Leader of Cult Rap has been working to promote his music with the help of dope features like Jay IDK and even Gucci Mane. With ill content, dope visuals and a nice mix of features, Deniro Farrar is definitely going to become even more of an artist to watch going forward.


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