DAYLYT Drops Song Addressing “Pokemon GO” as a Cover for Bigger Issues

“We went from telling cops we gonna blast toys/to every n***a trynna cop a Blastoise.”

Rapper DAYLYT has very strong feelings about Pokemon GO. He also has very strong feelings about the sociopolitical issues plaguing our society today.

In order to address the overlap of the two, DAYLYT dropped “Pokemon Lives Matter,” a callout toward the very popular phone application that has been making a tremendous amount of heads turn over to its attention. With a loop of the ever recognizable Pokemon Theme Song as an instrumental, DAYLYT raps lines like, “I’m hoping we would go/But GO got blacks lazy.”

Similar to Kendrick Lamar’s “Cartoon & Cereal”, which addresses the idea of food and entertainment as “Opiates for the Masses” (term coined by Karl Marx), DAYLYT says the application has overrun the comprehension skills of Blacks, who should instead be paying attention to the bigger issues in the world, especially the ones concerning their well being, instead of trying to capture Pokemon.


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