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Why do I keep choosing the wrong guy? I mean every time I feel like I’ve chosen the right one, he ends up being the wrong one. I’m getting tired of choosing a man that wears my perfume and thinks it’s cool. I’m getting tired of choosing a man that doesn’t work. Thinks of me as his trophy or some fish he can reel in and throw back into the pond when he gets ready. Have you ever found yourself in that dilemma? Well, have I got a book for you. It’s titled, Ladies, Here’s Why You Keep Choosing The Wrong Guy by Paul Bryant.

Now before you think this is just another book by a man trying to identify what women need….think again. This book is filled with many characteristical issues that us women need to focus on concerning ourselves first. Unlike other books that tell us to act like something we were not created to be and probably still not end up being with that special guy, this book offers a shorter route. It’s also practical and achievable if you are willing to follow the necessary steps. You will indeed not only stop choosing the wrong guy but be able to spot out a dead fish as well. Bryant also offers tactics and self healing tips that will help us heal a wounded and beaten down heart due to failed past relationships.

Bryant stated that he wrote this book due to the fact that he has great respect for women, after being raised by a single mom:

“Seeing her strength through the many struggles we faced and not giving up on her three kids no matter how hard it got, Left a major impression on me.”

Besides his mom being a major inspiration, Bryant also has two sisters, nieces and a host of cousins and friends whom are female. He had all of them in mind when he wrote this book. Bryant wanted to write a book that women could have as a tool to help them discern traps that are set by the wrong man and help them to identify the right guy when he comes along.

FishThe book relates to men as hunters and put them into the category of three different types of fisherman:

1) The guy who fishes for Fun

2) The guy who fishes for Food

3) The guy who fishes for Sport

Bryant breaks down what each of these guy fishers want and how us women play a major role in their catch, He also breaks down how not to give a guy too much information about ourselves and how to stick to our non-negotiables. Bryant encourages ladies not to give in or put anything out that we are not comfortable in doing even if the guy’s extremely good-looking. He urges us to “Stick to the Contracts” a.k.a non-negotiables that we have written up for ourselves.

While the book is talking about women, men can also benefit from this book as well. Both sexes should be able to identify themselves strolled along the pages. I know I found my name pasted on all 9 chapters and my face strolled on all the pages. Which brings me to the next best thing about this book: IT’S SHORT! The book contains nine chapters and has about 52 pages. Ladies, this is a convenient manual that we can easily carry in our bag or purse and whip out quickly so we can identify which fisherman is glazing into our beautiful eyes.

Excerpt from Ladies, Here’s Why You Keep Choosing the Wrong Guy:

“The real man you desire is available, he might not be as tall or handsome as you visualize, but don’t close the door on the guy who could possibly be your soul mate waiting on someone from your fantasy who may not really exist.

We all have hurt, issues, habits and hang-ups about ourselves that have not been dealt with from past relationships nor discussed. We all rush into love quickly and instead of getting healing first we tend to push our past issues under the rug. What we fail to realize is the stuff creeping out from up under those rugs could be the reasons why we are still choosing the wrong guy. We have to do better for ourselves; whether female or male.

If I can save all women from the frustration of giving her heart away to the wrong guy, then I feel I have done my job. Paul Bryant

This book was so good and had so many points that many could identify with that it would be extremely hard for me to list them all. So why not check it out for yourself? Since debuting April 1st, the book has been selling like crazy. It’s so good even Kimberly Jones Pothier a.k.a Real Talk Kim of Preachers of Atlanta has one; so you know this book is reaching the masses. You can get your copy today at all major book outlets such as AmazonBarnes & Nobles & Books-a-million.

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