kirby maurierHailing from Miami, Kirby Maurier streamed her new album, “Doing the Most” on multiple media platforms and caught up with RESPECT. to say a few things about the project: “This time, I got the chance to give listeners a opportunity to get to know me. My first project,” Class of 96″ was an EP, however, it had the vibe of a mixtape because none of the music was original. This time around all of the music is fresh and specifically created to coincide with my lyrics. I’m just finally making the music that reflects my personality. I feel like I’m finally able to move away from what people expect R&B artists to sing about, look like, etc.” Songs like “Fa Sho” and “On It” are new fan favorites while “Iz U Wit It” remains her reigning anthem. “All of the songs were inspired by whatever I’d been feeling the day I wrote them. For example, one day I’d been feeling as though the people who I always showed love to and went out of the way for just didn’t feel the need to return the same energy to me, so I lowkey questioned myself like, “am I not showing them enough love? Am I showing it but they’re taking it as a sign of weakness?”  That’s when I wrote the song “Fa Sho.” The singer speaks on working with her favorite producer, Vegas Fontaine, and how she “vibed with him so hard” that she is super excited about the album. “Doing The Most” is available for download on iTunes – HERE