Premiere: Cormega feat. Masta Ace, Craig G., & Kool G Rap – “Industry” (Juice Crew Remix)

cormega respect premier juice crew remix kool g rapOne of 2014’s most pleasant surprises has been Cormega‘s triumphant return. Most notably, he released the head-turning “Industry,” calling out with calm clairvoyance all of the music business’ sinister tricks. To pump some extra life into the already-powerful record, Mega called on a trio of fellow NY treasures Masta Ace,  to bolster his army against the wicked machine. What makes this “Juice Crew Remix” most special isn’t the fact that Cormega put together such a solid lineup, though, it’s the way in which each vet contributes to the theme in their own unique way, spitting genuinely wise and intriguing “old man rap” in a way that even Nas has arguably not mastered. We’re proud to offer the premiere on our brand new Soundcloud page (follow us here for future premiers!)

Masta Ace introduces the anti-industry theme swiftly, speaking directly to an artist who’s just barely cognizant of how much he’s getting swept up in the high life before Craig G comes in with a breathless series of stunning lines: “If B.I.G. was alive, would they say he fell off / since down South is getting more shine than up North? / … / They smile in your face, release some sort of statement / Start beef with your friends when you out on vacation.” G Rap ups the ante even further though, sounding just as advanced now as he did at his peak: “The dominant culture, corporations robbin’ like vultures / Dead philosophers they carve in the sculpture / We get the broken promises, momentary exposure,” calling attention to the continued lack of respect for hip-hop outside of its opportunity for a cash grab. Cormega bats cleanup here, spitting with even more ferocity here than on the original, clearly mad as hell: “Uncle Toms want to please the master / Fear of dominant strength so they keep you passive…/…/Basically I’m a pre-gentrification New Yorker in persona and performance / You can trace the style but can’t replace the aura.”