New Music: Mellowhigh – “Extinguisher”

Mellowhigh Hodgy Beats Domo Genesis Left Brain Odd FutureIt’s always refreshing to hear a producer give us something from left field. Whether he was actively living up to his name or simply just demonstrating that he’s got more range than “mellow” and “hype,” Left Brain really delivers on this instrumental, combining a dull bass thud with cartoonish electric guitar synths. When paired with Domo and Hodgy‘s aggressive lyricism, the result is part Beastie Boys, part vintage Meth & Red and all Odd Future. The sheer range of OF is often forgotten, but tracks like this quickly jog the memory. As a group, they are very loyal to their fans, but that loyalty and their musical capabilities are not synonymous (which is a good thing). Listen below.

You can pre-order Mellowhigh on iTunes.