Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour Merchandise Gets Political (racist)

Kanye West Merch Yeezus Confederate Reaper

Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour has just kicked off and with that came the release of some new merchandise produced specifically for the tour. West was apparently inspired by  ’80s heavy metal albums. Some notable t-shirts are the skeleton donning a Native American headdress and “traditional” (stereotypical) garments with the caption “God Wants You” (below) and one with the grim reaper sporting the confederate flag (above), though both are arguably more shocking than insightful.

T-shirts cost $35, ($40 for XXL, sorry) ,you can get a sweatshirt for  $80, tote bags  for $20 and a trucker hats for $35. Let us know which ones you’ll be copping and which ones you’ll be avoiding, especially the latter. Not all politics are good politics, after all.

Editor’s note: Those headdress t-shirts are pretty racist, honestly. Read our specific take here. – SK.

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