Why Big Sean’s “Oh God” Is the Best Ad-Lib of 2012


When God plays a hand on the table it’s hard to compete, but we didn’t only pick Big Sean’s emphatic exclamation because he brought in some help from the big guy upstairs. The ad-lib perfectly sums up Sean’s killer year, and it’s a year we’re happy to celebrate with this playa from Detroit.

It started off with “Clique.”Sean welcomed us into the undeniable song of the fall both by saying “Oh god! You’re about to experience rap history!” while still somehow seeming like he was a bit surprised to be there. It’s as if he said, “Oh god! Me, Kanye and Jay on a beat? Remember when I was a telemarketer making $120 a week?” We don’t really remember that telemarketer stuff, but we’re definitely happy you’re here now. Oh god! And not only are you now on a beat with ‘Ye and Jay, but your verse was the most fun (there! We said it) and you’re lovely voice graces the hook. God oh god! Not that you need to hear it from us, but welcome to the big leagues.

Big Sean, we just want to be like you. Truth is, I probably listen to all this rap music because I wish I could do it myself.

“Oh god!” is one of those great little ad-lib’s that we, as non-rappers can throw into everyday conversation: “Hey, I got out of work early today,” said Sheryl. “Oh god! Let’s go to a bar!” replied Dave.

Much like the famed *Kanye Shrug* and Rick Ross “Ruh” these shouts and classic rapper moves work best when all the plebes can follow along and feel connected. Thank you, Sean.

Finally, this wasn’t a huge year for ad-libs. We heard a lil “Bang” from Keef and Waka the yes-man shouted, well, “Yes!” but it’s hard to compete with a unique voice like Sean’s starting off some of the hottest songs of the year. He’s just happy to be here sitting next to raps legends and it all comes together with those two words. Oh god! Welcome to the club.