Upstart Magazine Tally Ho! Gives Fine Art the Tabloid Treatment

Photographer Phil Knott has a novel idea: collect today’s emerging and established fine artists under one banner, and present their work in an accessible format. The result is Tally Ho!, a new magazine that aims to “reinvent the art publication and foster the next generation of art lovers and critics.” Combining new-school art with old-school newspaper stock, Tally Ho! wants to give today’s artistic talent a tried-and-true platform to express themselves to a wider audience. To launch their debut issue, they’ve started a Kickstarter page which promises awesome prizes for each level of donation. Check it out and read more about Tally Ho! below:

THE PURPOSE AND MISSION  Tally Ho! is meant to inspire, refresh, surprise, trigger thoughts and engage ideas, both in the public’s realm and at a commercial level.

POSITIONING  Aware of the cultural style landscapes that we are immersed in today, Tally Ho! niches itself in the intersection between tradition and edge: Old-fashioned newspaper stock and name, plus an arousing philosophy, are mixed with artful visuals produced by a select group of today’s artists. The result: timeless and always relevant.

TONE & STYLE  Fast-forward, fearless, mischievous, naughty, like an unruly child, honest, always well-intentioned, passionate, great-looking, self-confident. Tally Ho! is a communication tool replete with independent creative content that comes from a non-dictated, free-willed “self” of artists, as opposed to being trend driven. In a neo-romantic way, Tally Ho! is a proclamation and a protest of the human soul. This generates an outcome that is full of social and aesthetic meanings.