Angel Haze (Raee’n Wahya) is the world’s newest YouTube phenomenon. Hailing from Michigan, the 21-year old spent most of her childhood years in Springfield, Virginia, where she gained a passion for writing poems. Her poetry eventually lead her into becoming a female rapper. Along with her continuous grind. Angel has been making noise as an emcee for the last two years, and has released numerous songs and mixtapes via various daily blogs, mixtape sites and YouTube (where she has collected over 1 million views).

In the past two years, Angel generated enough web traffic to garner the attention of Universal Republic Records, where she is now signed as an artist. Recently, Angel released her first single with the label titled, “New York.” And, once you play the tune, you will instantly recognize the song that Angel samples: Gil Scott Heron‘s  “New York Is Killing Me” off of his 2010 album, I’m New Here. This quick clapping hip-hop/pop song might remind some of Lil’ Mama, but Haze tells us, “I’m serious about mine, and I’m here to make a dent in the rap game.” For a new female emcee that appears to be childishly shy, Angel assures us that she’s comfortable in her own skin. With lines like, Uh / I’m running, running through the jungle / Running like a slave through the underground tunnel / Told y’all niggas that I’d get these bitches / Cause I spit till my lips need 16 stitches, you will quickly understand, that this girl is here to stay.

My homie and former Missy Elliott protege Nicole Wray, who appears on Angel‘s latest mixtape titled, Reservation, quickly persuaded me that Angel‘s name will soon be mentioned amongst the likes of  other successful YouTube sensations. So, watch out Justin Bieber and PSY, because Angel Haze is on her way!

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