New Video: Capital STEEZ – “Free the Robots”

Photo by Nick Harwood/RESPECT.

Joey Bada$$ is definitely a standout emcee, but Pro Era has much more talent than most people acknowledge. The video for “Free the Robots,” a track from STEEZ’s overlooked mixtape AMERIKKKAN KORRUPTION, definitely forces you to recognize the skill that Joey’s comrades are bringing to the game. Covering STEEZ’s various political and social concerns, the lyrical content of “Free the Robots” is cut from the same cloth as STEEZ’s verse from “Survival Tactics.” The video follows suit, bringing these concerns to life with various clips. It’s tempting to draw parallels between STEEZ and Ab-Soul, but STEEZ is less paranoid-sounding, more focused. AMERIKKKAN KORRUPTION will be re-released on October 10 with 6 bonus tracks. Don’t miss it.