Sol Republic Set To Give Beats By Dre A Run For Its Money

Beats By Dre may be facing some new competition in the circumaural (over-ear) headphone game, and it may be coming from closer than you think.  Kevin Lee, the son of the founder of Monster Cable Products Inc. (Beats’ parent company), has chosen to pursue his own headphone company, Sol Republic.  A new headphone line wouldn’t normally be a problem, unless they plan to undersell the competition.  That’s exactly what Lee hopes to do with his new line of affordable headphones in the $50-$150 range.  No launch date has been set for the Soundtrack of Life (SOL) line, but selling headphones at nearly $200 less than your competition isn’t a bad start.  Hopefully this forces Dre into a fire sale, who wouldn’t be caught rocking those headphones for 50%-80% off?  All we can do is wait.

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