Graffiti: Controversial Blu Piece for “Draw The Line” Festival

Blu is up to his usual tricks. As was seen with the recent work in Italy with Escif, Blu is on a roll with his politically charged murals. He has been racing around Europe since March with his controversial pieces, and it seems that his home country isn’t to be spared. This time, the site is Italy’s “Draw The Line” Festival.

Painted in Campobasso, Italy, this mural says a lot about Blu’s view of war and the military’s production of soldiers. I say “production” because Blu’s portrayal makes it seem almost like an assembly line, and according to him, the result is an army of mindless drones.

At the “Art in the Streets” festival, MOCA promptly got rid of Blu’s apparently-insulting piece. Wonder if this one will last…  Check ’em after the jump.

Photos Via Artribune