Banksy iPhone App

Okay, here’s the timeline: Banksy’s famous pink gorilla in Bristol, UK gets accidentally whitewashed on July 14th. For the entire week after that, Bristol politicians were pushing for a system to protect classy street art, and yesterday, the tech world jumped on board.

The Banksy iPhone app hit the market yesterday. Officially called Banksy Locations, the app allows users to easily locate and virtually view Banksy’s art. Not only can you view full screen versions of the murals, but you can also get directions to every site so you can go see them yourself.

Surprisingly enough, the app has nothing to do with Banksy himself. It was entirely created by an avid Banksy fan, Simon Hassett. After spending years traveling through cities looking for the artist’s work, Hassett created a mapping tool that he then turned into an app so other people wouldn’t have to suffer like he did.

Furthermore, the app allows for constant updates. Notice a new piece near you? Just upload a picture or two with the location of the artwork, and everyone with the $1.99 app can check it out for themselves.

It’s the perfect on-the-go app for Banksy enthusiasts. Get it for yourself right here.

Photos via L.A. Weekly