Song Premiere: Koncept & J57 feat. Co$$, Tenacity, Johaz, Blame One, El Prez, Realm Reality, Mike Maven – “When I Get There”

KONCEPT & J57 When I get There The FuelWhen we interviewed Koncept and J57 last month, they informed us of their journey out to Red Bull Studios in LA and the profound effect that this journey had on their music-making process. We believed them, of course, but nothing backs up a good story like solid evidence. Today we’re premiering “When I Get There,” the first piece of concrete corroboration of their story. Teaming up with Co$$, Johaz, Tenacity, Blame One, El Prez, Realm Reality and Mike Maven for a bi-coastal posse cut, Koncept and J57 get gritty, combining sharp rhymes with riveting percussion and a wailing chorus. The appeal of the song is that despite having several vocalist, it doesn’t feel crowded. Each verse has breathing room, enabling everyone to perform without the song becoming a droning litany. DJ Khaled should take note.

The verses are cut short and the lyrics feel pointed, but this isn’t minimalism. While J57 lets those crashing cymbals take the lead, they’re accompanied by revved-engine-like synths and some subtly ambulating sound effects that disperse the force of the cymbals’ crashes, sometime interacting with the vocals and other times just ebbing away; that isn’t minimalism. “When I Get There” won’t appear on Koncept and J57‘s forthcoming album, Flight, but it’s a good indicator of where they’re headed. Listen below.

Written by Stephen Kearse

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    this shit is crazy

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  1. […] Koncept has come a long way, even since the relatively recent “Not For Nothing.” While “Not For Nothing” was special in its heartfelt, sonically stark nature, it pales in comparison to the energy and personality of “Wings.” Over a grimy, Numonics-produced head-nodder that’s pretty reminiscent of “D’Evils,” Koncept and J57 spin brash rhymes like tops, puffing their chest out in a sly, New York kind of way. The catchy hook is  motivational, even verging on uplifting, a trait well balanced by the audible mischief and grit in Koncept‘s voice. […]

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