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Premiere issue is available now at Barnes and Noble and Borders.

As any professional photographer, photo editor, graphic designer or writer can attest, a lot of great images and words never make it past the edit rounds of a magazine. There’s just not enough room for everything. Even with the seemingly limitless possibilities and content populating the World Wide Web, there remain scores of visionary moments, enlightening tales and grin-worthy anecdotes that never reach you, the consumer. It’s the way things are.

But it doesn’t have to be the way things will be. Respect is about bringing you what would otherwise be left on the cutting room floor, boxed up in a studio or collecting digital dust on a hard drive. Why? Because we believe beauty is worth seeing.

With this inaugural issue, we bring you rare frames from nine photographers whose work has helped shape not only your visions of hip-hop’s icons, but hip-hop’s view of itself. And, even with this, we’ve had to leave out moving and engaging stories, pristine and iconic shots. There are photographers whose work couldn’t make this issue, just as there are those whom we’ve recently lost— namely Shawn Mortensen, whose most enduring image may very well be the definitive snapshot of Tupac Shakur, in a straitjacket; and the great Irving Penn, who, while not a hip-hop photographer, undoubtedly inspired every lensman in this issue.

Despite our limitations, we believe we’ve done something that’s worthy of your respect and that of the photographers who graciously granted us access to their archives, their memories and some of the secrets behind their techniques. While they all work in the same medium, they’re a varied bunch with unique idiosyncrasies that move through their particular creative waves and empower this issue with fascinating contrast. The incomparable Phil Knott isn’t big on taking photos where eyes are prominent; Barron Claiborne’s stirring, nigh-surrealist shots are almost always all about the eyes. Danny Clinch’s superb take on reality relishes in the candid, unscripted moments; Anthony Mandler’s panoramic imagination leads him to create elaborate fantasy settings that juxtapose subjects with uncommon settings.

What all of the masters in this volume do have in common is a humbling respect for each other and for their subjects. And if there is a single thread throughout their work, it’s a mission to capture the bold and the bewitching, no matter how sublime, and translate it into something you can hold in your hands to open up worlds within yourself.

In that way, they are like the creative staff of this magazine, working to create something you will cherish, something you can respect. This is an offering. We hope you find it worthy.

kris ex,Editor

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25 Responses to “RESPECT. Premiere Issue”
  1.' A-Game says:

    I’ve been looking everywhere to find this magazine. What newsstands is it at? Better yet is there a subscription? BTW excellent idea for a magzine!!!

  2.' admin says:

    You can find RESPECT magazine on the newsstand at Barns & Nobel. Stay tuned for subscription news.

  3. good stuff man…so this is what youve been cooking up out in the boonies?

  4. This is going to be an instant classic magazine. Defintely going to get this!

    That Hip Hop Site

  5.' CassavaLeaf says:

    This is good ish and an interesting concept

  6. Looking forward to this…great idea, wonderful images and an editor I respect.

  7.' vickey says:

    This concept was long overdue for our generation! I welcome and fully support with open arms. would love to submit photo(s) oneday. Keep up the great work!

  8.' Johnniem2nd says:

    Great magazine picked up the Pac cover here in the west coast I need that Jay cover!

  9. I have been in the music game for over 16 years plus and I have seen it all! This new RESPECT MAG. is the hottest Mag. ever to come to the game! We needed this!!! Joe you fellas keep doing a great job with what your doing over there! A true classic! I really feel it because I opened up for 2 Pac twice here in Milwaukee before he died! Real cool cat man! We all are human & we all make mistakes in life! Milwaukee WI. has a BIG BIG music scene up here!! Look for the new Classical Mix Tape entitled “Way Up North” hosted by Big City, Fillthy Rich & Coo Coo Cal to drop Jan 2k10 in connections with X-Squad DJ’s/Central City DJ’s. ft. from 8 Ball & MJG, Juice Man, Nelly, B.G, Paul Wall, Trina, Jay Money,Gorilla Zoe & many others!!! Also Big City’s new album online entitled “Perseverance” on & RESPECT GIVEN, SO RESPECT DESERVED!!! May GOD continue to Bless this company going into 2k10! Peace & Love! City Boy! 1

  10.' rayze says:

    I’ve been looking for this in Canada (Montreal to be exact). Where is it availible here, and are both covers out here?

  11.' Emcee West says:

    So basically these magazines come out till February of 2010?? Cause i wanna get a subscription to them!!

  12.' Will says:

    How can I subscribe to this magazine? I live in New Zealand, and usually we miss out on these sorta things!

  13.' print is dead says:

    do people still buy magazines ?

    when i wanna read something about rap

    i get it off the internet

    this is not 1997 anymore

    its 2010 all print media is on the internet

    look at this website for example

    by the time the magazine hits the newsstands the rapper on what ever cover urban magazine could be dead or in jail

    thats 2 reasons hip hip print magazines are dead

  14. just what goes up, must come down?

  15.' Sis.Courtney says:

    I lucked up and was able to get both the premiere issue and issue 2 at Boarders in NC. I’m definitely feeling the magazine. How can someone submit their hip-hop photos to you?

  16.' G' says:

    amazing magazine….its all bout the images in Hip Hop. This is a great place to have it all in one place. Thank you for inspiring a young rapper trying to reach that level

  17. Interesting ideas, keep up the great work

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