The Alternative: Bronx R&B Crooner JamesxScott Releases ‘Boys Hurt too’

Alternative R&B artist JamesxScott is ready to take the world on a journey with the release of his debut album ‘Boys Hurt too’.

The Bronx native began singing as a background singer/songwriter. Wanting to take his career to the next level, James dropped out of college and branched off to start working on this solo project.

In an interview with RESPECT, James spoke about his process putting together this project.

“I turn my journals into songs. ‘Boys Hurt too’ is similar to it in that there may be one page where I say, man I love this girl. Yet the next day it could be today was crazy man fuck everything. It’s made for times like that. It’s definitely a vibe. The pain after a heartbreak kind of feel.

Further explaining the album, James’ spoke about the lead single, “With You” saying,

“My mom one day just opened the door and asked how’s this person. Like last week we had that conversation, and I was like yeah we broke up. It’s cool. She has somebody new I can’t really be mad. And a week after she opened [the conversation] back up and asked yo are you serious, really? I said yeah it really happened. She told me don’t worry, I know you’re hurt right now but you’re going to grow from it and you just have to be the best person you can be for yourself and someone will love you for that. I was like yo, you’re a real mom.”

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