New Music: Joshua Marzz Releases ‘Spoils of the Voyage’ Album

Joshua Marzz drops “Spoils of Village.” Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Joshua Marzz is on a musical journey, and he’s inviting an ever-increasing number of fans along with him.

At only 21 years of age, he has already released four projects to date, and his upcoming fifth project is one that he’s particularly proud of because it showcases an evolution in his music. The title of the project is “Spoils of the Voyage,” and it’s the follow-up to his highly successful EP “PVRVLLVX” (pronounced Parallax). Known for his mellow, laid-back style, Marzz said “PVRVLLVX” was an attempt to create something harder and edgier and explore new sounds. It was a project that he said stretched him in some big ways, but also pushed him to become a better artist. And it was because of that project that he found his way to “Spoils of the Voyage,” which he said is some of his best work today.

“Not only does it showcase some of the steps I’m taking music-wise, but it also kind of shows the evolution of my life,” he said.


“I’m only 21 years old and I just recently moved into my first house and built my own studio. Now I have a whole room dedicated to just music. I’m progressing as an engineer and things are really coming together with my sound. I think what people will notice with this new tape is that it sounds a lot cleaner – it sounds like industry quality to me.”

Prior to “PVRVLLVX,” Marzz had dropped a mixtape called “Intergalactic Voyages,” and this most recent project is what he said is the “aftermath of those two projects.” Over the course of those three projects, Marzz said fans will notice a big evolution in his sound.

“Up until now I’ve had pretty wavy music,” he said. “That’s what I’d classify my music as – relaxed most of the time with a mellow vibe. This time around I dropped a couple of singles that are on the darker side or that have more of a party vibe. The rest of the tape has the chill vibes that I normally bring, but a good four or five songs really go hard. I want to show people that I can continue what I was doing with ‘PVRVLLVX.’”

In addition to being an artist, Marzz is also a producer and engineer for other artists. Over the past two years he has worked to make his label New Wave Music successful, and recently he brought in some fresh new talent. One of his business partners (Genesis) recently dropped an EP, and one of his newest artists (NEB) recently dropped a mixtape on Apple Music and Spotify, while yet another (Mikey Joseph) recently dropped a mixtape.

As for Marzz, the first showcase of his new project are two singles that fans can check out on his Soundcloud page. The first is “In The Night,” which he dropped at the end of July and already has nearly 10,000 plays. He said the song title has multiple meanings, and that the lyrics talk about a party off in the night, as well as tell the story of a time when he was arrested late at night. Ultimately the theme of the song is inspiring other people to go off and do their own thing no matter what other people say.

The second single is “Slippin,” which he released in mid-June. He said it’s a song that has a little bit of a darker side, though still with a “chill, wavy beat.” As with much of his music, “Slippin” is a song that explores some of the hardships Marzz went through a few years back as he struggled with alcohol.

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