RESPECT. Interview: Childish Major Talks A3C, Working With J. Cole, and Transitioning From Producer to Artist

A3C Festival is right around the corner and there is a lot of hip-hop artists to discover. Before the festival arrives, let RESPECT. Magazine introduce you to one of the stand out artists on this years lineup.

Music artist Childish Major originally made a name for himself as a producer, however, he’s in the intense process of transitioning from full-time beat maker to producer/recording artist. Currently residing in Atlanta, the South Carolina native is 26 years of age and is already on a path to hip-hop stardom. He is infamously known for his production credits on major tracks like Rocko’s 2014 smash “U.O.E.N.O” and the title track of J. Cole’s fourth studio album 4 Your Eyez Only

As an artist, Childish Major is garnering the attention of many music fans due to dropping his new song, “Supply Luh,” produced by J. Cole. He is now on a mission to prove that he is more than just a producer.  As Childish Major gears up for A3C and works on his upcoming project, he takes a moment out his hectic schedule for an interview. Check out the conversation below. 

RESPECT.: Hey Childish! How’s it going? For those that are new to you, how old are you now and how long have you been making music? Are you excited to perform at this years A3C?

26 and i’ve been making music for about 13 years now. I’m going to be doing commission stage then I might add on a few shows later. I also have a bunch of panels. 

RESPECT.: Is this your first time attending? 

No, I’ve been going the last couple of years. 

RESPECT.: I follow you on Instagram and I saw that your new song “Supply Luh” played on HBO’s Insecure. How did it feel hearing your song play on such a successful show?

I watched the first season and a lot of my friends were on there. I am a huge fan of the show and I told myself that I was going to figure out a way to make it happen. For it to end up being the record playing during the last episode of the season was crazy. There was no dialogue and that really made it special for me. 

RESPECT.: Now that you have a song out produced by J. Cole, how is life different for you now? 

It sounds very confirming. 

RESPECT.: How so?

Making that transition from being a complete producer to an overall artist. I mean there is still a lot of work to be done. Me and my team Humility City have been working. A lot of these songs y’all are about to hear are songs we’ve had for years now and some are a lot newer. What’s different, is the way everyone else is. It’s confirming for a lot of people and not just myself. They see that J. Cole is taking me serious so now they want to take me serious too. That’s a blessing from Cole just for me. I am glad people are starting to see how talented I am and how much of my soul and heart I put into this. 

RESPECT.: What’s it like working with Cole? Is he one of your main inspirations? 

Yeah for sure! We are from the Carolinas. He’s from the north and I’m from the south. It’s just who he is an artist and getting to know him as a person. Everything about him aligns with what I hear in the music. It aligns perfectly with who he is and it makes sense.

RESPECT.: Is there anything Cole told you that really stuck with you and motivated you to go harder? 

For one, just having him believe in me is enough.  Also, him offering me production and saying we should do something together. Our first encounter was me producing for him. In the first meeting, I ran some music by him and he rocked with it. He rocked with it enough to give me production and actually allowing me to release it. 

RESPECT.: That’s really cool how Cole earned his big break around the age of 26 and now it’s the same for you. That has to be really inspiring to know. 

Yes! Since I started making music early on, I would kind of take my story and look at other people. Like Pharrell is someone I studied and I was thinking about his career and how he started. Your story is never going to be the same as somebody else’s but I found those relatable things and I’m not that far off. 

RESPECT.:There’s a lot of people that have issues with producers hopping out from behind the scenes to hop on tracks. Is this something you’ve always planned on doing? 

Yeah, I knew eventually I would get tired of just waiting for artist to jump on my production. Also, after awhile of producing it just wasn’t fulfilling. So from that I became a songwriter and then that turned into me wanting to tell my story. I guess that’s the difference on how people are receiving my transition versus some other people going from producer to artist. I’m not here to take the same beats I give to artist and make a hit. Im not here to make a hit. That’s not my aim. Im not here to make records that other people can make. I’m here to tell my story and relate to the kids and people like me. 

RESPECT.:You are a very musical person overall. I have to ask if you play any instruments. 

I sing and I rap of course. Music wise, I’m self-taught on piano and I am self-taught on guitar. When I was in school I even played the saxophone. For the most part, I’m self-taught on instruments.

RESPECT.:You have a lot of people asking are you signed to Dreamville Records but I’m not going to ask you that. If you were given the opportunity would you sign to the label? 

Yes, regardless of me inking with them or not that’s family. That’s like a home. Cole personally told me i’ll always be able to work with the team whether its for shelter or making records. They really do feel like family. 

RESPECT.: This is sort of off topic but how did it feel hearing the final edits of “4 Your Eyez Only?” 

It was amazing. Funny thing is, I was even more involved in making the final than making the start. It was great to be a part of the final and the start of the track. 

RESPECT.: Lastly, what is your overall goal being an artist and what can your followers look forward to?

Connecting with people and writing songs that makes them feel how I feel. I’m going to put this music out and get on the road so I can get close to the people. My followers can look forward to videos, an official Childish Major project, and more shows.

Stream Childish Major’s new single “Supply Luh” below! Also, you can catch Childish Major at this years A3C Festival. Make sure you use discount code respect20a3c to purchase tickets at 20% off.

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