RESPECT. Interview: Adrian Stresow Discusses New Album and His Come up in Music

Photo Credit: Adrian Stresow

Texas native Adrian Stresow is capturing the hearts of many music fans around the world. He recently dropped his new album A Kid in His Room and it is doing very well. At the tender age of 19, Adrian has already captivated a strong following and he is already leading the Texas music scene with an album that is an overall masterpiece.  Thankfully, Adrian Stresow was able to take sometime out of his celebration to tell us about his new project and its title.  Check out the interview below!

RESPECT.: For those out there that don’t know much about you, where are you from and what is the music scene like there?

I’m from Dallas! It is pretty much known for its chopped and screwed lane but the Dallas music scene is popping for sure!

RESPECT.: When it comes to your music, what do you label yourself as?

I am a rapper that sings. I used to have a small conflict with what I wanted to do but I want to rap and I want to sing occasionally. 

RESPECT.: Earlier, you told me Dallas isn’t really a place where artists stand out. Do you think that makes it harder for you to stand out? 

There is advantages and disadvantages. As an advantage, it is easier to get recognized but also, there isn’t much fan support in Dallas because it is not really a place of music.

RESPECT.:Tell us about your come up in music because it is very interesting how you successfully went from a local artist to an artist that gets a lot of love in reality and social media.

I spent a lot of my early years making music and putting stuff on the internet. People didn’t even know I rapped till my senior year and that’s when things started happening for me. 

RESPECT.: Were you nervous of people finding out about it or did you just keep it low-key?

Naturally I am very introverted but I feel like my music kind of sucked back then to be honest. People used to really roast me for it when I first started making it. I kept quiet till I felt confident enough to show people. 

RESPECT.: What motivated you to start making music? Was there a certain song or artist you heard?

Well definitely Eminem. I remember watching Eminem on 8 mile and it really inspired me. 

RESPECT.: In your song “How Should I know?” from your new album, it was a very interesting record. Tell us a little more about that. 

RESPECT.: I was in a creative drought so it came naturally. I decided to make a song about being different and trying to get used to being a rapper at such a weird age. 

RESPECT.: What has truly helped you build a name for yourself in music?

Just the consistent process of dropping a lot of songs on soundcloud. I don’t think there is a month that went by since 2015 where I didn’t drop a song. Its definitely been the growth in my music.

RESPECT.: Lastly, why did you decide to title your album A Kid in His Room

I dropped out of college I went there for a semester and decided it was too distracting for what I want to do with my life. When I did that all of the kids my age went to college. I spend a bunch of time in my room isolated and thinking about how I really need to make my career happen. 

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