RESPECT. The New: Get To Know Kalyl Silva

Nothing is better than seeing the progression of Hip-Hop from an international perspective; it’s the inclusion of different vibes from various parts of the globe that truly progress the culture (for example, you’ll notice the plethora of UK Grime on RESPECT.). One such talent that understands this is Kalyl Silva, who’s utilizing his Brazilian roots to create a unique new sound in America and beyond — it also helps that he’s the son of UFC champion Anderson Silva. The elder Silva even used Kalyl’s breakout single “Doom” as his walkout theme earlier this year.

For our inaugural RESPECT. The New series, we connect with Kalyl and learn about his inspirations, musical style and what we can expect from him moving forward. There’s a new spider crawling in the room.

Kalyl Silva

Image credit: Alexandre Godinho

Name: Kalyl Silva

Age: 18

Hometown: Curitiba, Brazil

How/when did you begin creating music? What are your inspirations?
I’ve always had a passion for music. I love being creative in any way that I can, and music is one of the creative sides of me that caught up early on along with dancing. My biggest inspirations that helped shape the artist I am today are Chris Brown and Jay-Z. Crazy thing is that I learned how to dance just by watching videos of Chris Brown dancing on YouTube in slow motion.

How would you best describe your style of music?
I tend to bring my roots and my Brazilian culture into my music, especially the new ones I got coming. I like to change up my style some of the time, one day you’ll hear me straight up rap on a song, one day you’ll hear me with a little more [of an] R&B approach, I just love to create and experiment with my style.

We’ve seen that you’ve trained in MMA (even with your father, champion fighter Anderson Silva). Is that your first love? Do you plan on fighting professionally?
I’ve been training with my dad since I was 6 years old, and I absolutely love martial arts, it taught me much more than just how to fight. My dad always joked about not wanting me and my brother fighting, because of all the stress he put us through when we watched him fight [laughs], but he supports me with whatever I choose to do. I don’t plan on going professional, I just want to focus on my music and acting right now.

Tell us the meaning behind your latest single, “Doom.”
I wanted to write something that would connect to my dad and his fans around the world. My intent for the song was that when people heard it in the arena, it would have them out of their seats.

Tell us about SDZN. Can we expect more from that as well?
I’ve been designing a lot of clothing these past few months, but just like my music, I want to make sure I have my best product out.

Kalyl Silva

Image credit: Alexandre Godinho

What’s next for Kalyl? Can we expect a new project or follow-up single to arrive soon?
I’ll be dropping a new single soon, along with a music video at the end of the year.

Any artists that you would love to collaborate with?
I’ve looked up to Chris Brown since I was 8 years old, so to collaborate with him would be a dream come true. And of course, the queen, Beyoncé.

Obviously, your father is well accustomed to the fame and bright lights, albeit via different means. With that said, has he given you any advice in regards to your career?
He always tells me to be myself, and have a strong mind, because the entertainment world is a very hard one. He taught me to focus on my goals, and never forget where I came from.

Keep up with Kalyl Silva via his official website.

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