Dizzee Rascal Returns to The Fold with ‘Raskit’

Dizzee Rascal 'Raskit'

Image credit: Dirtee Stank/Island

UK legend Dizzee Rascal is back with his sixth album Raskit, a project that seems to hark back to his Grime roots (make no mistake, Dizzee still utilizes newer vibes and has a lot to say about present-day London and gentrification as well). The project sees production from Dizzee himself, alongside peers and successors Cardo, Donae’O, Salva, Teddy Samba, The Arcade, The HeavyTrackerz and more.

[SIDEBAR: Post-listen, the fact that Dizzee uses the same color scheme from his classic debut Boy In Da Corner can’t be a coincidence.]

Stream Raskit below via all streaming platforms (vinyl/merch lovers need to head here ASAP)…also included is his poignant visual for the single “Space.”

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