Dallas Cowboys Cut WR Lucky Whitehead After He Was Wrongfully Accused of Theft

Lucky Whitehead via Instagram


Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead may have been vindicated on the charges of shoplifting, but that isn’t changing the mind of his former GM.

According to published reports,  the Prince William County Police Department issued a statement clearing Whitehead from all charges regarding the shoplifting incident, Whitehead and his agent, David Rich, labeled it a case of mistaken identity;  the Cowboys, however, released Whitehead from the roster, citing a pattern of behavior.

“At this point, the police department is also confident in confirming that Mr. Whitehead’s identity was falsely provided to police during the investigation,” according to the statement.”Since the identifying information provided by the arrested during the investigation was apparently false, the police department is working with the Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to clear Mr. Whitehead from this investigation.”

During an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Whitehead spoke on the situation saying he was “blindsided” by the release and offended that no one in the management of the Cowboys had his back.

“Let’s not sugarcoat anything. I was pretty much being called a liar. No one [in Cowboys management] had my back in the whole situation. I knew about it at, what? 12:45. By 2:30, I’m released.”

During an interview with ESPN, Whitehead’s agent revealed the original report was a total surprise to everyone.

“Everybody was [surprised], the Cowboys, Lucky, myself,” David Rich said. “That’s what drove this thing. From the first call, it was a breakup tone. I’ve been broken up with before, and I know what that sounds like. It was, ‘You better have a darn good reason for this,’ and we were completely blindsided by it.”

Despite the wide receiver being cleared from wrong doing, the Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said during a press conference that the team decision was made and he supports it and that the Cowboys are refocusing their attention to new players that are currently under the media’s radar.

“Yesterday we made a decision that was deemed to be in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys. We’re standing by that decision. We’re going to move on.”

Whitehead is also moving on. According to his agent, he has three or four teams interested in signing him to their teams. Although he didn’t reveal them specifically, he was confident that his client’s ability will have him on the field for the upcoming season.

“It’s disappointing, but it’s a tough life lesson for the young man,” Rich said. “He’ll be fine. I’ve had three or four teams reach out to me already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was picked up, especially with the way rosters are right now. You can add a receiver from Long Beach State Community College or add a guy like Lucky Whitehead, who has a pretty good body of work.”

Rich said he will consult with Whitehead and Whitehead’s family over what direction to pursue next, either legally or with the NFL Players Association.

“Right now, he just wants to play football,” Rich said. “He had a challenge ahead of him, and he was ready for the challenge. He was tweeting 20 minutes before the first practice how excited he was. It’s been a tough 24 hours. I think it will make him stronger.”

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