RESPECT. Premiere: Deemo – “Got That” (Video)


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Born in Brooklyn and raised in Silver Spring, MD, new rapper Deemo unveils a new video for his fire first single!

“Got That” catches a glimpse of Deemo’s lifestyle through a sarcastic point of view and a dark humor approach, accompanied by a very cinematic visual. The song also has a smooth-yet-somber ambient sound, a hypnotic melody and a catchy hook, all of which creates a real dense atmosphere and adds layers to the track. Also: his sharp flow is effortless.

Produced by Jelani Kwesi and (visually) directed by THE 88 and Deemo himself, “Got That” is an exciting premise to what this new lyricist has in store.

Check out the visual below, as well as a quick Q&A with the artist. For those in D.C.: Deemo will be performing tonight at Smith Public Trust.

RESPECT.: Deemo, great sharing your first video! Walk us through the process of making “Got That,” how you picked the beat, how you came up with the video, etc.

Deemo: I was browsing on YouTube in my bro Maki’s car at the time, and I found a beat that matched the vibe I was feeling. But since that particular video had so many views, I wanted to create my own beat with the same feel. I knew my producer Jelani could create that same feeling but he actually ended up making a more gritty and cinematic type beat and it worked! The song came from real life situations that I experienced and ironically the day I started writing this song I got arrested (laughs).

The vibe of the song really paints a picture and I tried to bring the picture to life without doing the most. I try to treat my videos and music like an art piece, and leave it to the viewers own interpretation.

RESPECT.: For those who don’t know you, tell us a little about where you’re from, how you got started, and what you have coming up?

Deemo: I was born in Brooklyn, but would move back and forth between Brooklyn and Connecticut until I was like 10 then moved to Silver Spring, MD. When I was 12, I heard 50 Cent and that dude changed my entire life… As of now I am focused on building my fanbase by crafting and dropping singles to show my range as an artist.

Check out more of Deemo via his Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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