RESPECT. Premiere: Vic Smith – “Let Me Breathe” [VIDEO]

Vic Smith

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Saginaw, Michigan. For those who aren’t fortunate enough to live near The Great Lakes, Saginaw is a small town in mid-Michigan that boasts about 200,000 people. You would think that with such a small population, that the city’s production of stars has been little to none. Wrong. For a town that’s less than a half-a-mil deep; some of it’s notable natives include NBA tough-guy, Kenyon Martin, NFL star LaMarr Woodley & the king of harmonies, Stevie Wonder. With such a rich history behind the city, it could be hard to notice that no Hip-Hop cats were just named; citing as what could be one of the key reasons that native Vic Smith made a move to Las Vegas to start his career. The result? An introspective, yet easy-to-bounce to video for the track, “Let Me Breathe.”

Never the one to forget where he came from, the 23-year-old rhyme-spitter pays homage to his hometown with the snow-flakes dropping, while spewing off lines like, “Middle of the night, can’t shake the sleep paralysis,” & “I feel like I’m losing myself, I need to vent, all this reinventing got me losing my health.” While the ambient vibe is present for most of the visual, the track then takes a sharp left, where Vic and his FCCMG clique decide to highlight their more aggressive, yet humorous side. In probably one of my favorite shots of the whole year, the video pans to a mountain of powder spelling Vic’s name out, insinuating that the boys we’re on blow, only to then show Vic stuffing his face full of powdered donuts.

“The idea was honestly organic,” said the Las Vegas transplant to RESPECT. over email, “The University Creative Group and I thought went with the concept to make it in an isolated atmosphere that really focuses on the lyrics and what I, the Emcee, was going through in life.” Smith also spoke on what’s next for he and his FCCMG crew, “Expect in the NEAR future, for us to really be pushing the limits of our creativity and making a mark in Hip-Hop by approaching every verse and song with new a standard of what dope is.”

Check out the premiere for the new video, “Let Me Breathe” below and be sure to keep an eye out for Smith.

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