Bugzy Malone Sends for his Competition on “Through The Night”

Bugzy Malone "Through The Night"

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As can be seen here, Bugzy Malone and Stormzy have allegedly been in a bit of a cold war for some time now. It looks like the next stage of that has arrived, as Bugzy liberates the new track (and visual for) “Through The Night” — and it includes some fresh shots at his competition.

On the track (which samples DJ Luck and MC Neat‘s “Little Bit Of Luck“), the Manchester native sounds like he’s drawing a line in the sand for both his South London peer and past “enemy on wax” Chip(munk):

I’ll make a dark-skinned MC crumble
Just like a double chocolate chip cookie
I’m King Kong
I’ll make a light-skinned MC sound like a new born puppy
They can team up they can round the whole scene up
But it’s not going to make a difference on G-Dot
Dem man are pissed off because they’ve got shows
But right now they’re performing for peanuts
What kind of a MC looks at the DJ
Reaches out for the decks to get wheel ups
You’re not a MC you’re just a copycat it won’t last

Adding to that, Bugzy also filmed the clip in London at various spots that both Stormz and Chip have been in recent past. A chess move if we’ve ever seen one.

Check out “Through The Night” below. The track will appear on Bugzy’s forthcoming EP King Of The North, released July 14th (pre-order via iTunes).

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