Boston’s Que Flee and Flashyy Show off Their “Diamonds” in New Track [Listen]

Photo Credit: Que Flee

Boston, MA rap artist Que Flee has a hit on his hands with his latest release entitled “Diamonds,” featuring Boston artist Flashy.

 Produced by Oso Fye, “Diamonds” is a fun record that finds the Boston artists rapping about a girl only wanting them for their diamonds. Although the girls only want them for the flashy things they have, the artists aren’t scared to brag about all of their money and foreign things.

“Pull up to the scene I’m feeling super clean, rips all in my jeans, diamond diamond rings, racks all in my jeans, she knows that I’m so clean, I know she a freak I know I know she a freak” raps the Boston natives.

Rappers Que Flee and Flashy knows how to make a fire record for sure. We are hoping this isn’t the last time they collab. Below, you can listen to their song “Diamonds,” so go ahead and let us know what you think about the track in the comments section.

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