RESPECT. Recap: Fool’s Gold Records Celebrates Ten Years At The Paper Box

Photographed: Fool’s Gold Records and lifestyle brand founders, Alain “A-Trak” Macklovitch and Nick “Catchdubs” Barat. Photo Credit: @LauraJuneKirsch

On Wednesday, Fool’s Gold Records celebrated ten years in the game with its debut New York’s Loudest party.

The get-together took place at the Paper Box complex in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
RESPECT. dropped in to partake in the hype and witnessed some live performances from signed up-and-coming artists. To sum it all up in three words: It was dope.

In this photo: New York’s Loudest crowd. Photo Credit: @LauraJuneKirsch

If you’re familiar with Fool’s Gold, you already know Fool’s Gold is about that new, new.
If you see an artist performing at a Fool’s Gold event one year, then the next year you’ll see them everywhere.

The New York’s Loudest turn up kicked off at 6 pm. Every guest with a rsvp got to see DJ Darling Chuck, Dyme-A-Duzin (Atlantic Records), Divine Council (Epic), and Fool‘s Gold signee DJ Austin Millz–for free.

On the center stage, Darling flexed her skills on the 1, 2s with a blend of throwback pop and R&B hits as guests poured through the doors of the artsy concert venue.

To the right of the stage, bartenders at the cash bar kept the alcohol flowing as guests made their way to the dance floor. Other guests shuffled between the main floor and the venue’s graffiti painted backyard.

At around 7:30 pm, everyone took their places near the stage as Dyme-A-Duzin grabbed the mic and greeted the crowd.

“Brooklyn! What the f**k is up?” The room erupted in a mix of shout-outs and cheers. Sporting oversized retrofashion square framed glasses and a broad grin, Dyme went on to thank everyone for supporting his music on YouTube.

The Crown Heights native’s gratitude evoked even more happy cheers from the crowd. Without further ado, Dyme delved into cinematic performances of  “Slept On Freestyle,” “Corner Boyz,” “New Brooklyn,” and “That Chicken.”

People in the audience were dancing and rapping to every song verbatim so you know they were loving his vibe. Four songs in with no water breaks, the 24-year-old emcee showed no signs of slowing down.

He was even dancing and rapping to Craig Mack‘s “Flavor In Your Ear” remix for a minute. Dyme then ended his set with an animated performance of “Marry Mary,” featuring his day one, Broadway Joe.

In photo: Dyme-A-Duzin and Broadway Joe. Photo Credit: @LauraJuneKirsch

Next up, Divine Council brought the heat with songs like “P Sherman,” “DECEMBA,” “Rolie Polie Olie,” and “D**k In Dope.” Yeah, we were puzzled by the title too but the crowd loved it.

People were dabbing, Milly rocking and forming mosh pits like mad. Fans were climbing onstage just to dive into the crowd and at some point, someone yelled out “Y’all n***az is f*****g tight.”

From wetting the crowd with bottles of water to telling everyone “Roscoe’s Chicken and American Airlines could suck my d**k,” there was never a dull second. The show was all the way lit.

Don’t know what the beef was with Roscoe’s Chicken or American Airlines. But what we do know, is them boys from Richmond, Virginia didn’t disappoint to entertain.

The showcase ended with an energetic DJ set from Harlem native, Austin Millz.

Austin spun a selection of chart-topping hip-hop hits from everyone from Busta Rhymes to Dipset and Camron.

Keeping his set entertaining, the young producer implemented a series of impressive scratches and mixes followed by shout outs to the crowd before ending with The Jackson Five‘s “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

As a head nod to the days when Fool’s Gold gained popularity by throwing free parties New York’s Loudest is a new free event series to spotlight new talent making waves in today’s music.

Fool’s Gold’s been called “one of the most influential indies in the music business,” by Pitchfork. New York Times’ referred to them as “a taste maker label.” And Billboard’s recognized the underground music circuit giant as an “indie innovator.”

In Photo: Divine Council’s Lord Linco and audience member. Photo Credit:@LauraJune Kirsch

Founded by DJ A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs in 2007, Fool’s Gold is a record company created for the artists by the artists.

By merging Hip-Hop with EDM,  Fool”s Gold initially launched its brand with a series of consistent releases.

As a music label modeled after Rawkus and Stone Throw Records FG has introduced artists like Kid Sister, Danny Brown, Kid Cudi, and Duck Sauce to the musical forefront.

However, Fool’s Gold isn’t just a record label, it’s a lifestyle brand on the rise.

In This Photo: Loud In New York guests and Fool’s Gold staff. Photo Credit: @LauraJune Kirsch

With more free events scheduled for this year, Fool’s Gold is slated to expand its coveted Day Off event series to popular international cities like London and Paris.

In Photo: New York’s Loudest guest. Photo Credit: @PolloMorphy

On May 20, the brand will open its second retail store in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. Like it’s first location, the new store will focus on men”s fashion and streetwear.

FG’s debut New York’s Loudest party was sponsored by Lugz footwear.

Stay tuned for updates on future New York’s Loudest events right here

In this photo: Divine Council: from left to right, Lord Linco, Cyrax, and $ilkmoney. Photo Credit: @LauraJuneKirsch

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