RESPECT. Premiere: Zelly Vibes – “We Can Have It All” [VIDEO]


Photo by @SinemaShotYou

At times, it seems easy to forget that artists go through real life struggles as well. Too often; we either laugh, joke or completely disregard certain messages in an artist’s song lyrics. When Future says, “You will never ever get your bitch back” on “Draco“, we take it as him making the everyday rapper boasts, but no. Future’s talking to himself, and if you put the rest of the music he released in 2017 in context with that line, it’s obvious. Future isn’t the only artist to go through this though, not by a long shot. Plenty of talented song maker’s hide the pain behind the turn up and Las Vegas native, Zelly Vibes is no different in the new visual for, “We Can Have It All

Set to the backdrop of the beautiful Las Vegas Strip, “We Can Have It All” centers around a few gorgeous ladies, played by Zelly and her crew, hanging out and enjoying the illuminated scenery provided by The Strip. Though the squad seems to be having a great time, if you listen to the lyrics; you can tell Zelly’s mind is elsewhere. “If you stick with me baby, you won’t lose/ I can be your muse, light me I’m the fuse,” sings Zelly throughout the first verse, giving you a peek into the honest thoughts of Miss Vibes and not the pre-packaged act that most artists have to give in their visuals.

“It was important for me to have a song like this,” said Zelly over email to RESPECT., “I wanted people to feel motivated and to believe in themselves when they hear it. The idea for the video came up as soon as we finished. My team and I knew it needed to be a feel good video.” Miss Vibes also spoke a bit on what to expect from her in the near future, “I’m still developing my sound, so it’s hard to say. I do have an EP coming out and more visuals for my recent music, so stay tuned.”

Check out the visual for, “We Can Have It All” below and be sure to keep yours eyes and ears on the buzzing Vegas songstress.

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