RESPECT. Premiere: Juice BillionZ – “LeBron” [VIDEO]


Sports and music have always been the same. Drake said it best on the closing track of Thank Me Later: “I swear sports and music are so synonymous, cause we wanna be them and they wanna be us.” Just ask Shaquille O’Neal, Master P, or Kobe Bryant, making that jump isn’t easy, on either side. Despite the obvious lure of each other’s craft, the other thing that has also been traditionally shared between the two is respect. On countless occasions you will find athletes using an artists music as inspiration for a big game, and there aren’t enough numbers in the world to divvy up how many times a rapper has named dropped an artist. Las Vegas up and comer Juice BillonZ keeps that tradition alive with the infectious new video for his single, “LeBron”.

Produced by Kid Hazel, “LeBron” is fast paced, synth heavy track that showcases BillionZ smooth flow perfectly. “Keep that 9 by my side make a n**ga feel safe/ you talk sh*t online but won’t say it to my face,” rhymes the Sin City native on the second verse, creating the narrative for the rest of the track. The high octane video pans between scenes of LeBron James demolishing the competition, and BillionZ doing the exact same, just in a different way. “We wanted something authentic and dope,” says Juice in an email to RESPECT. “I thought copping a LeBron jersey and doing it in front of people hooping would be a good look.” When speaking on future plans, the Vegas native had this to say, “Right now we’re just focusing on flooding the internet with quality content, be on the lookout for, ‘Born With The Juice’, coming soon.”

Check out the new treatment for, “LeBron” and be sure to stop sleeping on Juice BillionZ before it’s too late.

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