RESPECT. Interview: Keyboard Kid Talks New Music, Collaborations + Based Energy

Keyboard Kid is a prolific producer perfecting the craft while making his trademark sound something that will not be recreated by anyone else. Residing as the in-house producer and road DJ for Lil B, Keyboard is nothing short of great with a long list of instrumental tracks and collaborations featuring Yung Lean, Chance The Rapper, Chxpo, as well as tons of tracks with Lil B- but that’s just to name a few. Most recently, Keyboard Kid is putting things together for his upcoming album. RESPECT. spoke with him about his upcoming collaborations, tour life and more. Stay tuned for new music to drop this week.

RESPECT.: As of recent you’ve been working close with Lil B. How did you two link up and start doing work together?

We linked up on Myspace way back. I was up here in Washington with all this swag and rare art didn’t know exactly what to call it. We linked up and now It’s BasedWorld. I would send him tracks and he was f*cking with the sound from the jump; we put out a lot of the early Myspace classics and the rest is history. We been linked up ever since. Nothing but classics when we get together. Shout Out to Lil’ B, that’s my brother. Real family.

RESPECT.: So far what’s been some of your favorite work you’ve produced and why?

That’s a hard question. Everything I drop, I feel, is hot. Everything is classic. I dropped 40+ mixtapes online. Very prolific. I love the sounds I’m able to create. All my music is based on the mood I’m in at the moment. So I feel like my music is really a representation of me. But to answer your question, last year me, Clams Casino, and Lil’ B dropped a big record called “Witness.” I co-produced that with Clams for his album 32 Levels. That’s real Basedworld collab. It was based history and the world needed that. Just a preview of what’s to come. We powering up.

RESPECT.: How did you link up with up & coming rapper, Chxpo?

Yeah man, so Chxpo hit me on Twitter. He reached out and said he loved the sound and needed some rare art. I saw he had been making waves of his own. I liked his work ethic off the bat, so it wasn’t a hard decision to work with bro. We got on the phone, talked, and we put out two very dope projects amongst the other 20 something tapes he dropped last year. He’s been going crazy! Salute to Chxpo though. He wasn’t scared to rap on Keyboard beats and take risks. He does him. Can’t say the same for a lot of these rappers out there. He killed everything I sent him! Shout out Ohio. Cleveland, what up.

RESPECT.: On tour with Lil B, what’s been some of the craziest things you’ve had the chance to witness?

Man, I been touring and going around to shows with Lil B since he was rocking with The WolfPack, so I’ve seen a lot. When we were in Portland one time, Lil B solo show, and security was lacking, and hella young fans, mainly dudes, rushed the stage, and we invited some girls up. It’s crazy how excited everyone was to see Lil B.  But that’s every show we do. People love Lil B. In Seattle one tim,e he threw his shirt into the crowd but it got stuck on the ceiling after and it was dripping sweat. Kids were loving it.

RESPECT.: It’s word that you are releasing a full project later this year. Can you tell us anything about the highly anticipated project?

Well, I got a few projects coming soon. I’ve Got “Mollynium Thraxx,” a track I’ve been sitting on it for a couple of years just waiting for the right time, but we going to drop it this year. It’s all about timing! It’s pretty much my representation of a dance/rave electronic/trap thing. It goes crazy. It’s going to kill overseas, really some next level music. I like to stay moving forward. I feel it’s going to be super refreshing for people. It’s nothing like what you’re hearing in the rave/club scenes right now. Look out for it. I’m also working on some top secret music with The Basedgod. I can’t say much about that yet.

RESPECT.: What more can we expect to see from you this year?

You can expect a lot more Keyboard x Basedworld in general, this coming year and every year from here on out. I mean, I already changed the game with Basedworld and Lil B. We made history and this BasedWorld A.D. rebirth. We’re coming to collect what’s owed this year, believe that!  Me and Lil B going to continue to release music and already got classics lined up. The grind never stops. Shout out to Keith Young L  and Uno the real based.

Check out Keyboard Kid latest tracks here and look out for a new track this week.

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