Music Beats Cancer Showcase Shines Light on What is Important

Cancer sucks. And we all know it’s not going away anytime soon but that doesn’t mean we can’t battle it with all our might. That’s exactly what Dr. Mona Jhaveri is doing. If you’re unfamiliar with Music Beats Cancer then we are here to tell you more about it!

The event–which took place at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on March 12th– featured up and coming artists that raised money to bring awareness to cancer. And it was extremely successful! All the artists really put their best foot forward to raise money and shed light on such an important topic. And of course, they all agreed that cancer sucks but it shouldn’t be the end all be all. All the artists encouraged those diagnosed with cancer to fight for their life and keep on fighting.

Great words of wisdom for sure! Check out some of the photos from Music Beats Cancer event below.



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