RESPECT. Review: Kehlani – ‘SweetSexySavage’

On January 27th, Kehlani released her debut album, SweetSexySavage. A few days later, the singer earned the number one spot on the R&B Albums chart. Time after time Kehlani has shown not only her vocal talent, but her rap talent as well. SweetSexySavage is definitely a fitting name: she shows all three sides of herself throughout the album. Kehlani is definitely beginning her 2017 off on the right foot.

The album starts off with an apologetic poem spoken by Reyna Biddy to anyone who has ever misunderstood her or her intentions. Reyna sends condolences to anybody who has ever lost her, got lost in her, or felt like they lost with her. She mentions being a superwoman, an angry woman, and a crazy woman. Reyna’s words go hand in hand with Kehlani’s sweet, sexy, and savage theme. At the end of the poem, Reyna says that she is still searching for someone to understand her better. In layman’s terms, this poem is a cry to her significant other to value and understand her, despite her flaws.

After Biddy’s intro, Kehlani opens with the song, “Keep On.” In this song, Kehlani’s lover keeps taking her back, and she recognizes her faults. Up next are tracks, “Distraction” and “Piece of Mind,” where she is interested in having a friend with benefits, and reflects on her past relationship. After listening to the first three songs on the album, you already get a taste of Kehlani’s sweet, sexy, and savage sides. Throughout the remainder of the album, Kehlani continues to discuss all areas of her love life. In conclusion, Kehlani sings of the love she has, realizes her worth, and exposes her occasional cold heart.

From start to finish, Kehlani has touched every emotion possible. Furthermore, each song on this album truly has it’s own vibe. It has also become very apparent that Kehlani has reached new heights as an artist. Most importantly, there is no doubt that SweetSexySavage will be gaining more attention in upcoming weeks. If you haven’t listened to the album yet, click below.

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