RESPECT. Premiere: Check Out Lord Jessiah, Drugs TheEmcee, Venus Sky’s Cold Dishes

Meet Lord Jessiah.
Over the past 20 years, Detroit, MI has become a stronghold for those longing for an authentic  return to the “Golden Era” sound.  In the likes of his peers Elzhi, Guilty Simpson, & Bronze Nazareth – to name a few, Lord Jessiah strikes with a blistering single that’s sure to feed the Hip Hop enthusiasts just what they’re drooling for.  Featuring partner in rhyme Drugs TheEmcee (The Hired Gunsmen) and vocalist Venus Sky, this infectious single is served up over an X The Detective beat that sounds like calm revenge.  From the sophomore album “Grounds of Detroit 2: The Wrath of God”, this modern banger is appropriately titled, “Cold Dishes”.  Bon appetite!