DYKRapPeople’s Hip-Hop Jeopardy Brought Out Hot Competition in BK


#DYKRapPeople (DYKRP) Hip-Hop Jeopardy was a popping event in Brooklyn on January 19th presented by Jaz and Brianni T. Taking place at Genius headquarters, the show was MC’d by Colton, who brought everyones’ energy as up as 11 teams prepared to test their knowledge of OG hip-hop. Teams with names like “A Tribe Called Flex” and “Put Some Respek On It” worked, all with their hands full of red cups filled with libations like Coconut Sake and Agave Gold Tequila, supplied by TY KU and Jose Cuervo. Not only did they fight to prove they were the wokest in terms of hip-hop knowledge, they also battled for sick prizes – including a GROSS magazine, Def Jam swag and dank apparel. The competition was obviously fire, and people brought their A-Game to try and snag up one of the unreal gift bags.

As people filled up the space and got rowdier as the points stacked up, there was an obvious energy in the room putting everyone in the spirit of competition for the game. DJ RUNBOX played the hip hop classics – and even remixed the jeopardy theme song so everyone could get down to it. The hype around who was gonna take it was literally palpable and in turn the event stayed lively up until the winners were announced. As it slowed down people enjoyed bowls of ice cream from Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, grabbing their last drinks. Some took home their winnings (and a bigger ego) knowing they were hip-hop champions while others went home hoping to prove themselves next time.

Shout out to all the dope sponsors that made #DYKRapPeople possible:

  • TY KU
  • Jose Cuervo Especial
  • Ethik
  • Gross Mag
  • Turntable Lab
  • Gifted Apparel
  • Legacy & Luxe
  • Republic Records
  • Def Jam
  • Mini.hiphop
  • Monday Suck
  • University of Dope
  • Move Forward Music
  • Mikey Likes It

If you want to test what you know, check out the next one; #DYKRapPeople will be heading to Boston in the spring and back in NYC this fall. If you are interested in getting involved, email Jasmina Cuevas to get in on it.