Dave East’s “30 N***az” Visual Typifies NY Hip-Hop

Dave East

The ominous skyline of Manhattan flashes in and out of shots of Dave East and company mobbing in the projects of NY in the visual for “30 N***az.” While it’s transparent that Dave East has seen a substantial increase in popularity, he makes it clear via this video that his roots are not merely items in his peripheral, but a culture which he holds dear to his heart.

Dave’s shown rapping about the transitional phase (which some could argue he’s still in) between anonymity and fame, and the different lifestyle changes that coincide with it. The recurring number “30” is utilized in a variety of different contexts, from alcohol (“30 bottles when I’m sitting on the couch/I’m living different now”), to fans (“30 young n**gas looking up to me/ I tell ’em get it now”), to his own past misconceptions about fame (“30 n**gas with the same plan/Whipping coca was the game plan”).

As previously mentioned, the modest visual juxtaposed with the overarching lyric is a testament to the idea that despite the fame that’s hit, Dave East is still suffused with humility and hasn’t let the headlines and endorsements cloud his judgement or alter his persona.

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