Notorious B.I.G. Hologram is Going on Tour


Stop the presses- the late great King of Rap, Notorious B.I.G. will be coming to stage a near you.  ARHT Media announced Monday (April, 11)  it has officially secured the rights to the late rapper’s likeness and intends to create a traveling “HumaGram” that will bring the performer back to the stage once again. The company will resurrect the famed rapper as a hologram.

What’s more, Holo-Biggie will move and act just like his fleshy predecessor. “We’ll use input from virtually anywhere so we’ll talk to people, we’ll obviously look through existing footage,” ARHT CEO Paul Duffy told Billboard. “We’ll meet with family members and just look to alternately capture the essence of Biggie. Then we’ll have their eyes on all the content and material that’s being built. Of course, nothing would be released until they felt comfortable and signed off on it.”


B.I.G’s resurrection is part of a growing trend in turning iconic performers into -holograms. ARHT confirms other holographic celebrities including Whitney Houston, Billie Holiday, Michael Jackson, Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx.

The Los Angeles-based ARHT Media intends to tour the hologram for arena performances and media campaigns using patent-pending technology described as a “scalable, repeatable and transportable form of 3D without the use of special glasses,” which allows audiences to interact with the projections within retail displays, tradeshow booths, and during other live events.


“This project has been a long-time coming, and it is very special to me. Words can’t even capture how elated I am for the world to finally see my son again on stage and beyond,” B.I.G.’s mother, Voletta Wallace, said of the project via press release. “[His] impact and legacy will not only live through his past work, but also the new experiences which have been made possible through ARHT Media.”


Check out Biggie’s last performance below: