Lupe Fiasco – “Express” (Panda Freestyle)

lupepandaIt wasn’t too long ago that 18 year-old Brooklyn native and G.O.O.D. Music signee, Desiigner, dropped his controversial single, “Panda”, a song that was then flipped by Yeezy for “Pt. 2”, and featured on The Life of Pablo.


Yep. “Panda” had everyone talking, from the moment it was released. Some heard the song and thought, “Wow! This record is crazy! Is this Future?”, while others, who know it wasn’t, immediately threw a flag on the play, labeling Desiigner a Future imposter, much like people did with Young Thug, who at one point in his career, shamelessly sounded like Lil Wayne. In any event, “Panda” was the topic of conversation, and regardless of who Desiigner may or may not sound like, there are very few who could front on the beat, which is produced by Menace.

Numerous freestyles would be released over the “Panda” beat, and to be perfectly honest, none of them moved me even a little bit. When Lil Kim tried her hand, that was it. I was done. As legendary as she is, I didn’t want to hear that, from her. Today, though, another legend stepped up to the plate to take on “Panda” but unlike his predecessors, he hits a home run. Listen as Lupe Fiasco cleverly offers his spin on this banger, which is packed with witty quotables like, “Express myself, Panda” and “Genius should just be my bible”.

For more from Lupe Fiasco, be on the lookout as his forthcoming album, DROGAS, is set to be released soon.