DONT SLEEP: Danny Matos – “New Genre” (prod. by Rusty Mack)

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NYC’s upstart emcee, Danny Matos, is here to proclaim a “New Genre”, with the debut leak off his January 8th debut EP, The Hangar, which we’re pleased to premiere today, here at RESPECT.

Pouring his soul on wax, Danny’s mission statement is based on the writings of English politician, Sir Edwin Sandys and his time tested proverb: Honesty is the best policy. 

Seldom celebrated in today’s Hip-Hop climate that puts fast cars and jerrery (must watch that link) at the forefront, Matos is here to tell you that all that glitters ain’t gold. For when it comes to rappers, we’ve seen their whip get repoed and chains get snatched, so maybe it’s time that Hip-Hop reevaluates it’s priorities.

With production supplied by Rusty Mack, and additional instrumentation handled by the Red Walrus, both Surf School affiliates provide the backdrop for Danny’s new rap Magna Carta as he concludes in his last verse, “Everything I’m spittin’ is timeless, it’s my arrival it’s viral”.   

Hopefully, with Danny’s help we’ll see ‘honest rap’ listed soon in Wikipedia’s list of hip hop genres.

“New Genre”can be streamed below, and is available for download as the Instant Grant track of the iTunes Pre-Order landing for The Hanger.