New Video: Dizzee Rascal ft. Giggs – “Nutcrackerz”

East End Londoner Dizzee Rascal just dropped visuals for his new song “Nutcrackerz” which features fellow British MC Giggs on vocals and production from Heavytrackerz. The video takes the viewer through various neighborhood spots in London but is overwhelmingly dominated by the sharp and quick rhymes provided by the two rappers.

Tchaikovsky’s famous Nutcracker theme is sped up and given a trap-like beat to it, making it edgy and giving it the ability to be rapped over, which Rascal and Giggs do quite impressively. Spitting back and forth about experiences they had growing up in their perspective neighborhoods, the video switches from East End London to Sound of London, respectively, showing the rappers in their element.

The single is set to release on April 18th via Dizzee’s own Dirtee Stank Recordings. Check out the video below and keep on the look out for more bangers from this UK rapper.