ART: Jeremiah Maddock, Mysterious Storyteller

Jeremiah Maddock is a mysterious legend in the art world. His artistic process is appealing in its simplicity.,”The process in general is pretty organic-stream-of-conscious rants.”  Maddock ‘s use of repeated shapes and earthy palette shape a stories. His work resembles ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.  His art has a freeing and pure value merged with deadly images (cross, skull like characters) reminiscent of the Mayan culture. The artist works with the recurrent theme of nature. He inks stories into a realistic universe where life and death collide. His knowledge as an artist is displayed by the numerous cultures that influence his art. His representation of  never ending stories allows the viewer to picture the ending it wants to see.

The artist recently moved to Brooklyn, NY from the rural Washington woodlands.  Maddock is now establishing himself as one of New Yorks’ emerging creators. Lets’ hope that the city that never sleep will still give him time to meditate on his art and nature.

His narrative is never ending, almost like humanity which has no end  (well… 12/21/2012 is approaching… He is inspired by the Mayans after all.)

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