New Music: Common Meets Nas Meets Soviet Jazz in CommoNasm

Even if you’re a casual hip-hop fan, there’s been at least one time where you wished for a particular collaboration. “If only Ghostface and Kanye did an EP together,” you might have longingly wished. While most of these wishful moments disappointingly result in fleeting discussions, every now and then something tangible manifests. The latest example is TenDJiz’s CommoNasm, a mash-up of Nas, Common and Soviet soul and jazz samples. It’s an incredibly ambitious and awing project. The introspective and pensive lyrics of Nas and Common blend perfectly with the subversive Soviet jazz (Jazz was banned in the USSR).

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time TenDJiz has crossed hip-hop and Soviet music. His previous projects, De La Soulviet (De la Soul meets Soviet Soul/Jazz) and Q-Tipokratiya (Q-Tip Meets Soviet Soul/Jazz), fall in the same vein. Click here to put your ear to the pulse.