Eminem Puts Movie on Hold to Focus on Music

Here’s some bittersweet news for Eminem fans: The boxing movie Southpaw, in which Marshall has a starring role, is being put on hold. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that he currently wants to focus on his music.

“He’s focusing on his music right now, so while he’s doing that, while he’s in that space, he wanted to put this on hold for the time being,” said Eminem spokesman Dennis Dennehy.

[Kurt] Sutter (FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”) told Deadline.com in late 2010 that he had taken meetings for several years with Eminem’s producing partners, and that boxing seemed like fittingly symbolic for the rapper’s own struggles.

When the film does get back on track, shooting will largely take place in Michigan. Hopefully this means we’re in store for a new Eminem album shortly.