RESPECT. Vol. 3, Issue 2: Birdman – On Stands 3/6

Birdman gets his mean mug on for the next issue of RESPECT. Issue drops March 6th. Be’ lee dat.

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  • Koori8

    Dear Team RESPECT.
    Just wanted to send my regards for a fine publication indeed.
    Prior til now I was not familiar with the mag.
    Fun illy enough, whilst driving through a remote ‘country New South Wales’ town in Australia named LEETON, I found this issue in their well stocked News Agency.
    Of all places aye?!
    Anyhows… Thanks for bringing me up to speed on these fine individuals of modern Hip Hop.

    Best, Adam Hill (Sydney)

  • Ruthless Iz Tha Temple Where GANGSTA RAP Waz
    Born & Datz TRUE! Dat Garbage Crap Like YOUNG MONEY / CASH MONEY Or Whateva
    Doesnt Come Close & Never Will.. COMPTON &Tha Real West Coast Cant Be
    Touched! Eazy-E & Ruthless Records Pumped Out So Many Classics! RUTHLESS
    RECORS Waz Tha DOPEST Gangsta Rap Label Ever ,EAZY-E Paved Tha Way Fa All Thez
    Suckaz In Tha Rap Game So Now Itz Expected To Be Acknowledged Az A Good Businessman & Inspiration.. HATE IT OR LUV IT ! (RIP Eazy Muthaphukkn E)