The Throne Covers RESPECT.’s Fall Issue 9.6.11

Jay and Kanye aren’t doin’ any press but I still got something to say about the album everyone is and should be talkin’ about. Issue on stands Sept. 6.

YN’s back!

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  • Katya Philius

    Dear Editor,

    I was very pleased by the way this article on Watch the Throne was written. I feel like you really took the time to listen to each track on the album. I really enjoyed a descriptive analysis on each track. You started off the intro beautifully, when informing us on the album’s theme and what we were to expect from the album. The intro couldn’t have been better. Being a very big fan of both Kanye West and Jay-Z I loved the way you described them as “cultures biggest stars” because I really do believe that those two make up what music is all about today. This article means a lot to me because I made an article reflecting the tracks off the album and it was very similar to yours. I’m glad to see that my opinions on music are similar to others.

    I liked your views on Lift Off, No Church in the Wild, New Day, and Primetime. I feel you did a great job presenting what those tracks were all about. I wish you could have expanded more on my favorite tracks like Gotta Have It, and Otis. Other than that, you knew where all the samples originated and I’m glad you displayed the producers of the tracks because that’s a very important part to me. I also loved how you did a competition on who dominated the track, and of course, as I expected, it was Kanye West who did dominate most tracks. The only thing I would have liked to see is an elaborated track analysis, other than that, this article was pure perfection.