RESPECT. Interview: DJ Stevie J Is Ready To Apply Pressure On The Game And To Establish Himself As The Industry’s Best DJ

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With a swagger like no other and enough charisma to a chain of luxury designer store, DJ Stevie J is a man on a mission. The Miami DJ is ready to be mentioned as one of the best DJ’s out right now. After all, he has the resume and credibility as he was able to work with the game’s top tier artists. From creating street anthems (“It Only Happens In Miami“) which features Miami legend Trick Daddy, the next generation superstar Zoey Dollaz, and the one of the South’s young vets in Young Dolph to collaborating with Grammy award winners like Migos, DJ Stevie J has been establishing himself as the premier hit maker your favorite artists is turning to. By having some of Miami’s hottest clubs such as LIV and STORY gone up to a random weeknight or on Sunday’s, DJ Stevie J is ready for the world to get acquainted with one of the most creative young minds in the game today.

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If he not tearing down the club at the ever so popular Club LIV on Sundays, he is in the booth creating more tracks as he embraces the no days off mentality. After all, he was born and raised in the Clinton Hills section of Brooklyn, New York. It was during his teenage years that he brought that hustle, grind, and ambition to Miami to create a legacy that would stand amongst the greats in that area such as DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Uncle Luke, and Trick Daddy .As we are just days away from the Rolling Loud Festival, DJ Stevie J is preparing to bring that live, bright, energetic culture of Miami to the many newcomers that’s visiting the city for their first time. With his latest track with Future buzzing nationwide, RESPECT was able to catch up with the young DJ sensation as he gives us the breakdown of how he has become successful so far in his career.

RESPECT: “Stripper” has been breaking ground and have gain attention from a lot of listeners nationwide thanks to the lyrical wordplay and jazzy laid back beat. How did this collaboration with Future came about?

DJ: It’s crazy because I initially holla at Weezy to do a verse. I always run into him whenever I do my sets at LIV and it’s always been love. But he was working on other stuff and I was just creating more new music as well. But when I went back to it, I felt that Future would be perfect for it. So I got his number, reached out to him and he said that he would do it. No lie, it took him almost 9 months to do it. When he did it, it was after I play the beat over the phone to tell him listen; “I need this verse from you man. We got a hit”. He did it and send me his verse and I jumped for joy. Next thing you know, it’s been creating a buzz and the streets been f***** with it. Shoutouts to Future for coming through for me on that. That was love.

RESPECT: Now you have collaborated with some of the game’s best like Trick Daddy, Zoey Dollaz, Migos, and Young Dolph. What was it like working with these emcees that brought a different kind of flavor to the game?

DJ: It has been a blessing working with these dudes and other talented rappers. But real always recognize real. Because of my Brooklyn beginnings, I was able to maneuver and meet some of Miami’s most influential people on the scene. One of these people is Trick Daddy who we all know is a legend in Miami and I had to do something with him because look at how much he paved the way for other emcees that came out of that area. Zoey Dollaz is another talented dude who been representing the city very well. Overall, I just want to represent and to show everyone in the game that there’s even more talent coming out of Miami that is ready to take over the game. I put in the work to get to where I’m at right now so it’s only right these talented emcees help me go over the top to another level of lit DJs in the game.

RESPECT: What inspiration or motivation you look for when it comes to creating new music for your fans?

DJ: First, I like to catch a vibe. Sometimes I like to do things that help me find a inspiration whether I am working out because I love to stay fit or whether if I am rolling up. Secondly, I like to look for certain beats to help me find the mood or vibe that goes with it. Lastly, I find stuff that’s on my mind which help me create some catch hooks once it starts flowing. It’s all in the matter of the type of vibe that’s being created at the moment.

RESPECT: What legacy you would like to leave on the game 5-10 years from now?

DJ: I want to be remembered as more than a DJ. I want fans to know that I am a DJ that can write a memorable hook while creating some dope production. DJ’s nowadays like to use a lot of technology in their production and not say anything on the song. I don’t want that to be me. I want to create hits while show everyone that DJ’s know how to control the crowd through catchy hooks other than the beat. I feel that no other DJ in this world is doing what I’m doing, which is actually being in my hooks of my songs.

Check out the latest hit that has the streets buzzing known as “Stripper” featuring Future.

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