RESPECT. Interview: Adam Katz Sinding Talks Being Featured In Reebok’s ‘Fusion Of’ Campaign For The Fusion Flexweave Sneaker

Renowned street style photographer and avid runner Adam Katz Sinding is the first of four partners in Reebok’s new Fusion series, which pays tribute to the brand’s newly released Fusion Flexweave sneaker by profiling individuals who fuse their passion for fitness with their art. For Adam, his dual passions of running and photography have helped shape who he is today and allow him to stay grounded in a life constantly on the road. The video above highlights Adam’s dual passions of running and photography.

We got a chance to chat with the photographer +avid runner about his campaign with Reebok for he Fusion Flexweave sneaker, his favorite pair of Reeboks, Fitness & much more.

The Fusion Flexweave is now available for $120 on


Get into the interview below.

RESPECT:. What was your first reaction when Reebok reached out to you?

Adam: I was excited because for the last 8 or 9 years I’ve been getting really into running and it’s cool to like get contacted by brands with ideas, concepts that are just natural. I run and I’m a photographer it’s kind of just about that, the lifestyle mixed with running. So I was excited versus doing something that somehow compromises your integrity.

Image Credit: Reebok

Are you pleased with how the campaign turned out?

Definitely, It tuned out nicely. I got to run for a whole day, not very far. But running back and forth to make the photo. So it was cool for me. To have somebody want to work with you on something that you would already do for free is the best. Anything you could possibly ask for.

Image Credit: Reebok

How long have you had that love for Fitness and running?

I used to really be into cycling but when I moved to New York I kind of gave up on cycling. It’s just too dangerous in New York. I just didn’t think I would enjoy, I still ride my bike to work all the time. I just didn’t enjoy it like I did when I first started. I’m from Seattle originally. I started running because you could do it right from your front doorstep. I live right at the base of the Williams-burg bridge and I could just run across the bridge and it was just easy. You didn’t have to have any equipment, you just have a pair of shoes and you can do that in every city versus cycling you need a helmet and special shoes. I live in Denmark now as I cycle a decent amount I needed to find a sport with my crazy travel schedule with something I could do everywhere I went.


How long have you been doing photography?

Professionally for about 10 years. Really as my only career for about 7 years and I’ve been taking photos since like 2001 as a hobby.

Image Credit: Reebok

How much time do you devote to photography and fitness?

Running comes second to my photography. Normally what I’d do is run around shooting all day and then in the evening I’d come home and I’ll start my process of uploading the images and if theirs time then I’d move on to running. It’s not always time unfortunately.


Are you a fan of the Fusion Flexweave Sneaker?

Yeah, I like them. I actually seen a photo of them before seeing the shoes and Ron who was the stylist had them out on the bed in a black/grey colorway and that’s like my vibe forsure. I was relieved because there are alot of ugly shoes in the world (laughs). I didn’t want to promote something that I wouldn’t actually wear myself. When I left the shoot that day I walked out wearing them and they let me keep them. That was tight. But, I got in my car and I was driving home and I was like “Oh sh** did I steal these shoes” ? and then I was like okay because they said I could wear them again forsure. The only problem was that they’re half-sized, too big for me so I can’t actually run in them I hope they can get a pair my size because they didn’t have half-sizes. Other than that, they were cool.

Image Credit: Reebok

Image Credit: Reebok

As a kid did you have a favorite Reebok sneaker?

The Pump. forsure. 100 Percent. But I couldn’t so my mom at the time was one of Nike’s earliest designers like one of the first designers and she designed like the wind-runner and the Jon Mcenroe line and all these early Nike collections back when Nike was still called Blue Ribbon Sports. Before I began Nike, my shoes were all Nike that’s all I wore. She also designed for other brands like Reebok later on, in the late 90’s. So I remember going to the Nike employee store don’t get me wrong I love Nike forsure and I love a lot of different brands. But, I remember when The Pump came out I wanted them so bad and she was like you can’t, why do you want those when you can get these Nikes? I just remember being like I don’t care, I just want those and I never got a pair. At the time, that was the shoe. That was it. There was nothing cooler than that shoe.

Image Credit: Retrobok

Do you have a favorite hip-hop album?

There’s so much. My favorite hip-hop album is the first hip-hop album that really got me into hip-hop which was OutkastATLiens’ what solidified that for me was I remember seeing that ‘Me & You video on MTV back in the day back when MTV actually played music and not just reality TV. But I think ‘Aquemini’ from Outkast and The Roots ‘Things Fall Apart.’ I think ‘Aqumeni’ did it for me because Andre 3000 is such a classically trained musician coming from somebody who grew up in Seattle where rock & roll was so prevalent that was kind of like my gateway drug. Because I would listen to Snoop Dogg and Dre and stuff like that when Chronic 2001 came out my taste in hip-hop geared toward more in that direction but ‘Aquemini’ was so different than anything else that existed, it’s musical as well as beat-driven and it really allowed me to stick my toe in the door and kind of check it out.

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